Make more money faster. Benefit recovery depends on specialized knowledge. We pay attention to your specialized needs. The Affordable Care Act requires new rules to get things done. We adapt to the requirements of every unique customer. One are of our focus is on custom software.

Commercial Services

Commercial healthcare providers lose tens of billions of dollars in uncompensated care costs each year. But some facilities are bucking the trend. Find out why assistance from Benefit Recovery is making a big difference.

Veteran's Healthcare

MCCRs, CPAC Directors, BIMs, and everyone else in the VHA all face common OIG revenue follow-up requirements. Yet each situation in the VHA is unique, so Benefit Recovery solutions are anything but common.

Department of Defense

How do you consistently meet revenue targets while identifying issues before they turn into problems? You do it by using DIACAP-certified tools and avoiding cookie cutter solutions.

Industry News

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