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start losing profits, they turn to us.

Get ready to cut costs and slash waste.

We help health care companies become the lean, agile operations they need to be in order to deliver top-notch patient care while remaining financially healthy.

We'll help you take your health care management platform to the next level, replacing costly, clunky legacy systems with customized programs tailor-made to meet your needs. These upgrades will ensure you can continue to run your operations without hiring additional staff, and will make compliance with state and federal health care regulations a snap. We'll also help you improve your billing and claims processes so that you increase the number of payments received by making it easier than ever to comply with labyrinthine insurance company processes.

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Our consultation and staffings services will help provide you with any additional support you might need to ensure smooth service delivery at every level of the organization.

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We help healthcare companies and public health agencies
stay ahead of the curve.


Ramp up your profitability even faster with the help of our revenue cyle specialists, project managers, and software trainers.
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Do more with less. Manage your revenue cycle with a powerful, intuitive, customized billing and collections platform designed specifically for your organization.
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Click here to request a copy of Benefit Recovery's VA payer whitepaper.

When was the last time you took a hard look at your Veterans Administration payer reimbursement rate? It is common to find the VA to be the slowest payer in your accounts receivable. At Benefit Recovery, we understand their complexities, take on the challenge, and maintain the necessary resources needed to keep your VA payer claims flowing. For more information on obtaining our whitepaper on VA payer follow-up issues, please contact sales@benefitrecovery.com. We look forward to speaking with you.

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